Our Wild Agave Nectar

Our wild agave syrup is produced from various wild agave plants harvested from the country side in Mexico. This product has been well tested in labs and certified by internationally recognized safety and quality of foods organizations. Comparing with the lighter version of agave syrup, this amber wild agave syrup is unfiltered. Because of the production process, it contains more minerals than other types of agave syrup; and it has exquisite, rich and natural flavor. Similar to other types of agave syrup, it is high in fructose, and it has low glycemic level.

At Sisana, we provide our wild agave syrup in amber color and in six varying flavors: Natural, Caramel, Maple, Honey, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

Sisana’s wild agave syrup is a great substitute for refined sugars in most recipes. It is 1.4 times sweeter than regular sugar, so two thirds of a cup will replace one cup of sugar. This wild agave syrup enables applicants to use less amount in their recipes, and you can still enjoy delicious treats. For other products of our company, see here. For further reading on the different types of Agave nectar available at Sisana, read here.

Wild Agave Syrup

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Packaging Options

Industrial Packaging Options

To meet our customers’ needs, we provide our wild agave syrup in five different types of packaging options: Gallon bottles, Pails, Canisters, Barrel containers and Container-Totes.

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Retail Packaging Options

At Sisana, besides having various of industrial options, we also offer our wild agave syrup in wide range of private label options to our customers.

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Wild Agave Flavours

We add refine sugar to foods and beverages, such as using sugars to sweeten cakes and cookies, coffee, cereal and even fruit to improve the taste. However, anything that seriously satisfies our sweet tooth isn’t going to be the epitome of a healthy meal. Fortunately, Sisana can provide you the ideal substitutes which will add more health benefits to your consumers. Sisana’s syrup with a range of customer favored flavors will be ideal options in healthy foods manufacturing and in beverages applications.

Why We are Different

We strive to provide a bulk service for Agave Nectar of the highest quality, and there are a number of points that make us stand out:

Quality and Testing

We periodically employ top-rate European food analysis Laboratories, and our Supply Chain Control program assures that every ingredient and material, meets the requirements of our customers. Our full list of certifications can be found here.

Competitive Pricing

We provide extremely competitive prices and our agave is high value.

Fast and Effective Delivery

We ship all over Europe, and deliver at high speed and at short notice. We deliver in many different sizes, to offer the most competitive price.

Nutritional and Health Information


1. Is agave nectar the same as agave syrup?

Yes, agave nectar is the same as agave syrup. They are different terms for the same substance.

2. Is agave nectar gluten free?

Yes, agave nectar is generally gluten free and can be safe to consume for those intolerant to gluten.

3. How long does agave nectar last?

2 years from the date it is packed.

4. Is agave nectar safe for diabetics?

Agave syrup has a lower glycemic index than traditional sugar and is therefore broken down and released into the blood stream more slowly. However, we recommend consult your doctor before consuming this product.

Where does it come from?

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