At Sisana we are proud to be able to deliver high quality bulk sweeteners at affordable prices and all over Europe. We emphasize delivering our bulk food products at high speed and at short notice. We have a large range of sweeteners and sugar substitutes which can be provided wholesale and in bulk. We encourage you to read our guide on types of Agave, as well as our information on Agave uses. For further information on our bulk service, Read on.

Agave Products

Agave Syrup Sisana

Natural Agave Nectar

bulk conventional agave syrup

Wild Agave Nectar

bulk wild agave nectar

Granulated Sweetener

Bulk Sweet Agave Powder


What kind of products do we sell?

Our expertise is in Agave, and we therefore can provide the best value and service with bulk agave products. Our conventional agave nectar and wild agave syrup are great bulk sweeteners, as well as our other agave products. We put great emphasis on quality and price – for more detail please read here.

How is it shipped and sold?

At Sisana Sweeteners we put great emphasis on shipping quickly, in the quantities required and to wherever possible. We ship our bulk and wholesale sweeteners all over Europe and service a variety of different demands. We can sell our wholesale and bulk foods and sweeteners in plastic totes (1380 Kg), in drums (285 Kg), in pails (25.5 Kg) and in cannisters (25.5 Kg). We also provide private label and our own retail brand services which can be shipped at the same speed and value. If you would like to request further information on our service, please contact us – we would be happy to hear from you.


Interested in buying our products in bulk?

Our sales representatives are more than happy to answer all your questions. Call us at +31(0)20 23 803 00 or send us an email.                           Contact Us!