Agave Products

Ageve Syrup

We have a wide selection of Agave Sweeteners to suit your taste. Our ingredients are picked from the most high quality sources. This way we make sure we provide you with the healthiest, best tasting products.

Sisana Retail Brand

Agave Syrup Sisana

Our own retail brand Agave products are of the highest quality and come shelf-ready for any store. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit your particular needs. We take pride in both the quality and design of our products.

Private Label Solutions

Bulk Private Label Agave Nectar 250 ml 340 g

Over the years we have grown our scope of services beyond ingredient trade in order to cater to more of our clients’ needs. Our private label solutions are sold in grocery stores of all sizes in over 40 different markets in Europe.

Contract Filling

Agave contract filling

The Sisana Company offers flexible contract packaging services for all syrups, liquids, powders, and granulates. Our in-house semi-automated packaging machinery can fill or package up to 20,000 units a day. Find out more.