At Sisana Sweeteners, we take care in selecting and providing the highest quality of Agave products to suit your specific needs. We have carefully surveyed and selected our below range to suit the particular ways that our customers would like to use our agave products. We have agave products for sale as bulk for industrial, private label for retail and our own brand; as well, we ship our products to the whole Europe. We encourage you to read our guides on types of Agave and uses for Agave for extra information. Otherwise, to find out more about our Agave Products Read further.

Natural Agave Nectar (Syrup)

Natural 300

Wild Agave Nectar (Syrup)

wild 300

Agave Granulated Sweetener


Sisana Sweeteners Own Brand

natural and wild agave nectar


What is Agave?

Agave is a plant found in the hot and dry regions of Mexico and the southern United States. It comes in many forms of species, and it grows both naturally (wild agave) and is grown in plantations(natural agave). At Sisana we source mainly from various Agave species for our raw materials, such as Agave Salmanea (Green Giant) and Agave Tequilana (Blue Agave). However, Blue Agave plants is short in supply curremtly. In order to ensure the right characteristics for each product, our Agave plants mainly comes from the Jalisco region, Mexico. They are processed and then sold in different forms of products, including Agave syrup (or nectar), Agave Sugar, and Agave Inulin Powder.


What can Agave Syrup be used for?

Agave has many uses, and has in recent years become known as a healthy substitute for items such as refined sugar (in its powdered form), honey (in its syrup forms) and inulin powder. The taste of agave nectar is comparable, though not identical, to honey. Many people who do not like the taste of honey find agave syrup is a more palatable choice. Moreover, it does not have the after bitter taste compare with artificial sweeteners.

As a sweetener, Agave syrups can reduce your foods production costs and achieve the same result as the same time. At Sisana, we produces Natural Agave Syrup as a cheap and healthy sweetener, which is extremely versatile. Our natural Agave Syrup derived from a combination of various species of agave plants. Agave syrup is used worldwide as a sweetener in products such as beer, milk, yoghurt, confectionery and jams, as well as among many others. A full list of products that our Agave is currently used in can be found here.

Our rare Wild Agave syrup suits more culinary areas, since it is more rare, is 100 % pure and has a rich taste. It is more suited as a direct substitute to items such as honey or maple syrup. Our Agave syrups are for sale in a variety of flavors and in two grade: light and amber agave syrup.


How is it shipped and sold?

At Sisana Sweeteners we put great emphasis on fast shipping services with the required quantities. We ship our products worldwide, particularly in all over Europe. And we do our best to satisfy a variety of different demands. We can sell our wholesale and bulk Agave products in plastic totes (1380 Kg), in drums (285 Kg), in pails (25.5 Kg) and in cannisters (25.5 Kg). We also provide private label and own brand services which can be shipped at the same speed and value. If you would like to request further information on our service, please contact us – we would be happy to hear from you.


Interested in buying our products in bulk?

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