Wild Agave Syrup

Wild Agave Syrup PL Gecko 250ml

This rustic 100% agave nectar is collected from small farms and harvested in its wild form, from in the countryside. The unfiltered wild Agave has more minerals than the light filtered version. This is in addition to having a richer, wilder flavor. Read here for more information on our wild agave nectar.

Natural Agave Syrup

Natural Agave Syrup PL Gecko 250ml

Natural agave is perfect for large-scale and industrial use. A combination of the blue and giant agave, with the addition of sugar cane juice, make this an ideal and cost effective solution. See our page on our Natural Agave Nectar for more details.

Agave Granulated Sweetener

Sisana Granulated Sweetener

Agave Granulated Sweetener is also made from a mix of different species of agave plants. It has lower glycemic index, and you need less to achieve the same level of sweetness. At Sisana, we provide multi-flavor of Agave granulated sweetener to our customers. For more details on this product, see here.

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