All products in our portfolio – syrups and powders – are additionally available as packaged private label products. Our private label service is for natural, nutrional, health and sweetener products, and we can provide any of our products in our portfolio under this service. Sisana keeps stock of a variety of packaging options – all readily available – which can be found in the page of each specific product. No upfront investment is required for labels, caps, bottles, pouches or filling machinery. Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss the new products you would like to purchase, or the existing products that we can help you improve your margins on. We encourage you to read our guides on types of Agave and uses for Agave for extra information. 

Branding & Packaging Design Services

Sisana works with an in-house graphic design team that can create new product labels from scratch, alter or improve your existing label, or help you with your brand identity. After the design process we create a shelf-ready prototype of your packaging, which will display exactly what your final product will look like.

Labelling and information to clients and consumers

We collaborate with clients and aim to establish clear, accurate and truthful information about each product. We are open to receive and respond to any questions related to this service.

Packaging Options

We offer a variety of different packaging options for all our products. Our expertise is in producing natural, nutritional and health products, and therefore can provide expert packaging solutions to fit any private label needs.
Below you can see the private label that is available for our Agave Syrups. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your needs. For more information on which products we sell, see our Agave Products.

For information about our other products’ packaging options, please contact our sales team.

Private label Natural

Our Products with you own label!

Our sales representatives are more than happy to answer all your questions. Call us at +31(0)20 23 803 00 or send us an email.                           Contact Us!